Our coaches and fellow parents are not a babysitting service. If your swimmer(s) are dropped off at any WST function (practice, time trials, etc.) you must know when to return for them. Be aware of the weather. If weather conditions change and a cancellation is necessary someone must be reachable IMMEDIATELY to pick up your swimmer(s). Your swimmer(s) must have immediate contact info for the person who should pick them up. There may also be unforeseen circumstances not related to weather that would cause your swimmer to need to contact you and/or be picked up earlier than expected. Someone who can pick up your swimmer(s) in such an event MUST be reachable whenever your swimmer(s) are left at any WST function. Along the same lines, swimmers should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled practice times and should be picked up on time after practice – this means their ride home must be at the pool at the scheduled end of practice, no later.