Hello Dragons,

The weather for both Thursday and Friday looks less than ideal.  The CWC is a rain or shine event and will be hosted if at all possible.  Per the registration form, there are no refunds and rescheduling is difficult at best.  With all that in mind, we thought it prudent to share some advice for swimmers and families attending.
  • Please pack extra dry and warm clothing for your swimmer for between events.  It is going to be chilly and possibly raining.
  • If it is raining and you have a canopy tent, we would welcome you to bring it to help us shelter swimmers, workers, and/or spectators.
  • We will be selling coffee and hot chocolate in addition to the other snackbar foods.
  • Keep an eye on your phone for any REMIND notifications from coaches about practice/meet changes or updates
Advice for New Families and families of younger swimmers:
There will be a section for Warrington Swimmers.  It is extremely important for swimmers to remain in that area so they don’t miss their events.  Parents of younger swimmers are welcome/encouraged to sit with them.
Please be mindful of events when making bathroom and snackbar trips.  Ready bench volunteers are not expected to search the grounds for swimmers.
Programs of all the events will be available for purchase at the meet.