The coaching staff and board members are really looking forward to our summer swim season. One of the things we’ve missed the last couple of seasons is a true “official” team suit. We’re lucky enough to have an amazing swim store in our area with experts in fitting our swimmers to the perfect suit. Here’s the information you’ll need for this year.

Team Suits: TYR Phoenix in navy and gold
Female: $55.99
Jammer: $41.99
Brief: $34.99

Purchase Information: We’re encouraging all of our swimmers to visit Mike and his staff at Personal Best ASAP.  Initial order has been placed, but there is still time to order, you just may not have for the first meet. They are going to place one group order for us to insure that we have our suits in time for our first swim meet. I took all 3 of my swimmers there last year and had a great experience! Team suits run very different from traditional suits, and they were wonderful at making sure that my kids’ suits fit properly.

If you are an experienced swim parent and know your swimmers’ sizes, you can also call the store and place your order over the phone. All of their contact information is below.

Personal Best
41 Doylestown Road
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
(267) 263.4693

Directions to Personal Best from Warrington Pool

Store hours:
Wed and Friday: 12 – 7pm
Thursday: 12 – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm

When the suits come in, I’ll pick them up and have them to distribute at practice.If you have any questions, you can contact Kristin at

**Please remember team suits are not mandatory**